How to Integrate DataForSEO with Seo Panel?

We can use DataForSEO as an alternative to proxy in Seo Panel. Using this API we can easily generate reports for any number of keywords and websites in seo panel.
Only thing we have to do is just register in DataForSEO and configure it in Seo Panel.

Steps for Integration

1. Free Registration in DataForSEO

Using the below link, you can do free registration in DataForSEO API.

2. Go to DataForSEO API dashboard

Copy login and password like below screenshot.

3. Seo Panel DataForSEO Settings

Go to Settings => System Settings => DataForSEO Settings

Update API Login and Password using the values in previous step.

Enable DataForSEO: => To enable DataForSEO in seo panel. Once enabled, it will use this API for keyword position checker, backlink checker and saturation checker tools.

DataForSEO Balance($): => The balance amount available for DataForSEO API calls

Enable Sandbox: => Can be used for testing. It will not reduce DataForSEO Balance. But the results will be some constant results.

Enable for Backlink and Saturation Checker: => As these API calls expensive compared to keyword position checker, we can disable or enable accoridng to our requirement.