Link Diagnosis plugin is integrated with Cloud Hosted Seo Panel

We are really happy to inform you that Link Diagnosis plugin is integrated with Cloud Hosted Seo Panel released under new domain

Link Diagnosis plugin will help you to get a detailed report of your website backlinks and also it will track backlinks of your competitor websites.

15 days free trial is also available to test all features. Please click below link to start your cloud hosted seo panel subscription.



Link Diagnosis 2.0.0 – Seo Panel plugin released

Link Diagnosis plugin for Seo Panel will help you to get detailed report about your backlinks and you can also easily track the backlinks of your competitors.

You can create a different projects for each of your websites and can create reports under each project.

2.0.0 Features

a) New search engines – New search engines for finding backlinks is integrated

b) Cron Job – Now you can generate reports using cron job

There are lots of features under this plugin, Download today itself and enjoy the features.



Link diagnosis version 1.2.0 released

The change log of version 1.2.0

1) New search engine: Added new search engine because yahoo stopped their backlinks service.

2) Multiple search engine: Now reports can be generated from different search engines. Each report can assign to a search engine and we can change it to another search engine once report from previous search engine completed.

3) Recheck Reports: This feature will help us to create a new fresh report from existing completed report.

4) Reverify Backlinks: This feature help us to verify the backlinks found in the report at any time after report generation.

5) Run Report: Reports run section bugs fixed, Now dynamic statistics work perfectly.

Download the plugin from => and support seo panel.