Seo Panel 4.0.0 released

We are really happy to inform you that Seo Panel 4.0.0 is released. Please install / upgrade your Seo Panel to latest version and enjoy full features.

Main features of Seo Panel 4.0.0

1) Responsive Theme – New design is integrated using bootstrap framework for better user interface experience.


2) Mobile UI – New mobile friendly interface will help you to access seo panel through your smartphone or tablet.

3) SEO Diary Plugin – Integration of Seo Diary Plugin to store all SEO works, TODOs and Information of a website. It will help you to easily track the SEO works done for a website.

4) Mail encryption Settings – A feature to set mail encryption type(TLS/SSL) in mail settings.

5) Bug Fixes – Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

Simply use Bitnami / Softaculous / Installatron / Webuzo / AMPPS to install / upgrade SEO Panel or Please download latest version from

Installation Steps =>
Upgrade Steps =>

Seo Diary plugin for seo panel is released

We are really happy to inform you that Seo Diary plugin is released. You can download it for FREE from below link.

Seo Diary

Main features of Seo Diary plugin

1) Create SEO Tasks to be done for a website as TODO and assign it to the respective users.

2) The assigned users can add comments to the TODO the progress.

3) Complete project summary report to know all SEO information about a website in diary format.

4) Send reminders to assigned users about the due date of task.

There are lots of features under these plugins, Download it for FREE and enjoy all exciting features.