Seo Panel 3.0.0 Released

Seo Panel 3.0.0 released with 17 languages support,SEO Auditor Tool and lots of new features.

Main features of Seo Panel 3.0.0

1) Site Auditor Tool

Site Auditor will crawl through each page of a website and also audit SEO factors of each pages. Then it will give a detailed report about SEO details of each page. It will also find out duplicate page titles,meta description and keywords in our site. Also we can create XML,HTML,TEXT sitemap files for our websites to submit to search engines.

2) 17 Languages Support

English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), Greek, Persian and Turkish

3) Multiple Cron Execution

You can execute cron any number of times a day to fix the issues with cron stopped after some time while checking many number of keywords. We have changed cron execution system like once report generated for keyword or website for a day, it will not be executed when we run it again. It will only generate reports for pending keywords or websites in the system.

4) User Interface

Added new features to reports and lists to improve the user interface. Now you can do actions(activate,delete etc) to a group of keywords,websites,users etc. Also added quick links from Account Summary and Keyword Summary list to corresponding reports. Changed the graph of keyword position summary.

5) Reciprocal Link Feature

Added reciprocal link feature in Directory Submission Tool, user can add custom reciprocal links for each submissions.

6) Installation Interface Changes

Now user can select default language of system while installation of Seo Panel.

7) Bugs Fixed

Fixed bugs reported in the keyword position checker,back link checker,saturation checker tec.

8) Version Info

Added version information checker in Admin Panel to verify whether installed version is up to date.


Download Link


login : spadmin
password : spadmin

Install and upgrade your seo panel today itself. Enjoy features of seo panel :D