Seo Panel 4.2.0 released

We are really delighted to inform you that Seo Panel 4.2.0 is released. Please upgrade your seo panel to latest version and enjoy full features.

Simply use Bitnami, Softaculous / Installatron to install or upgrade SEO Panel. Also you can use following links.

Download =>

Main features of Seo Panel 4.2.0 

1) Customer Review Manager –
It will track the count and rating of customer reviews in Google My Business, Glassdoor etc

2) Google, Bing and Alexa Improvements –  Fixed report generation issues with google, bing and alexa

3) Bug Fixes – Important bug fixes to improve the performance of seo panel

Thanks for your great support to SEO panel project 🙂

Seo panel 4.1.0 patch – Google and Bing search position quick fixes

We are releasing patch files for Seo Panel version 4.1.0

It will fix following issues

1) Google keyword rank position issue

2) Bing keyword rank position issue

Please do following steps to apply patches to fix above issues

1) Download patch file from following location

2) Unzip patch file.

3) Replace file seopanel/libs/spider.class.php

with Patch file


4) Import following sql file to seo panel database using phpamyadmin



Enjoy seo panel features 🙂

How to move a domain to another domain with out effecting SEO rating


Note: Make sure Google can index your content under your new URLs

Eg: to

This article describes how to change the URLs of existing pages on your site with minimal impact on your Google Search results. Examples of this kind of site move include:

  • URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Domain name changes such as to or merging multiple domains or hostnames
  • URL paths changes: >, or >
  1. Review basic information about site moves. Know what to expect, and how it might affect your users and rankings. If moving from HTTP to HTTPS, review the best practices for HTTPS.
  2. Prepare the new site and test it thoroughly.
  3. Prepare a URL mapping from the current URLs to their corresponding new format.
  4. Start the site move by configuring the server to redirect from the old URLs to the new ones.
  5. Monitor the traffic on both the old and new URLs.