Logs Manager

Crawl Log Manager

In this section we will manage all crawl logs of the system.

  1. Go to Admin Panel => Logs Manager => Crawl Log Manager

  2. Check details in following screen shot


    Search Filters

    • Search - Enter a string to do common search through most of the log fields. Eg: website name or keyword name

    • Period - Enter date interval to filter the logs

    • Status - Select status of log to filter[Success / Fail]

    • Report Type - You can select different reports types

      • Keyword - Select to get keyword logs only
      • Other - Select to get other logs excluding keywords
    • Search Engine - Select particular search engine to filter the logs

    • Proxy - Select particular proxy to filter the logs

    Display Columns

    • Reference - The object crawled in seo panel. Eg: website url, keyword name etc
    • Subject - The object crawled through which subject Eg: search engine name
    • Details - The details of the crawl log and it help us to find the root cause of errors
    • Action - Using it we can delete a particular log. Using bottom ‘Delete’ button we can delete

    Using bottom ‘Clear All Logs’ button, we can delete all logs in the system.

    Note: Also daily cron job will delete all logs before 3 months.

  3. Click on ‘Id’ in logs reports will show more detailed report of a crawl log


    It will show details like cookie, Referer, Post Fields, User agent etc