Dashboard Reports

Here you can see overall reports of websites added in seo panel.

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Enter search filter value according to your requirements.



    • Name - Enter required keyword filter the reports

    • Period - Enter date interval to filter the reports

    • Website - Choose required website to filter the results

    • Report Type - You can select different reports types

      • Keyword Position Summary - Select to get keyword reports only
      • Website Statistics - Select to get website reports only
  3. Click on ‘graph’ icon to see reports in graph as below screen shot

  4. Click on ‘rank’ link to see reports in more detailed format as below screen shot

  5. You can also choose following to download and print reports in different formats

    • PDF - Click on PDF icon to download reports in PDF format
    • Export - Click on Export Icon to download reports in .csv format
    • Print - Click on Print Icon to print te reports