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Had been using the Firefox plugin to track rankings, but I had to run it manually and export results to track rankings over time. With Seo Panel, I've set up sites and keywords and it automatically checks the search engines daily so I can view up-to-date rankings anytime and see changes over time. Excellent stuff, and open-source too :) ..(more), Neil Parry
All diejenigen, die keine professionelle SEO-Agentur mit der Überwachung der eigenen tWebseiten betrauen möchten oder können, ist das SeoPanel sicherlich ein gute Alternative...(more), Porstmann
Finding great open source code is a rare. Finding open source seotools is even harder. As seo develops, and guru's come and go we hope they follow the pattern set forth by We have intergrated SeoPanel as a subdomain at our search engine. ..(more), R. Tirner(CEO)
SEO planel is so easy and must have tool if you are managing multiple website, it saves me a lot of time. Thanks again for your effort and keeping it free of charge.

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