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Membership Subscription

Installation Steps

1. Download and unzip plugin file

2. Upload the folder 'Subscription' to the '/plugins/' directory of seo panel

3. Activate the plugin through the 'Seo Plugins Manager' in Admin panel

4. Accesss plugin by "Seo Plugins" from horizontal main menu.

5. Go to

Payment gateway manager => Paypal Standard => Edit

- Add your payal email address
6) Add/Edit user types and update with corresponding amount for 1 month

7) Enable user registration by following steps

Admin Panel => System Settings => User registration interface: => Yes

Now everything set, Logout and visit registration page. Now you can see the user types with amount to subscribe and also the payment options.


Price: $50

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Version: 2.2.0

Released: 2015-04-08

Last Updated: 2020-08-26

Requires Seo Panel Version: 4.6.0

Download Count: 362

Author: Seo Panel

Support: Plugin Website

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(89 ratings)

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Price: $50

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