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Thirdparty Plugins

Here you can search and download many excellent third party plugins for your seo panel. We recommend you to upload seo plugins here to share them with the seo panel community.

Note: Seo panel team will not provide support for third party plugins downloaded from here.

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Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag generator is a seo panel plugin for creating custom meta tags for our site. It will help us to give more information about our website to search engine bots while they crawl our website. ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2010-12-05
(134 ratings)
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Test Plugin

Check the structure of test plugin and it will help you to create new Seo Panel Plugins. ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2010-06-28
(121 ratings)
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SERP Tracker for Joomla3

SERP Tracker for Joomla3   It's a joomla component to fetch ranks of keywors you added. You can add a script to get keyword ranks automatically. We have released a mini seo panel for wordpress too. ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2017-01-31
(114 ratings)
Price: $25
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Social Media Notification Tracker

Social media notification tracker fetch updates from facebook public pages and twitter accounts, linkedin company and group links at regular intervals and stores in a plugin table. We can see updates from the plugin, all the updates from many account ...

Version: 1.1.0    Last updated: 2013-12-17
(86 ratings)
Price: $25
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SERP Tracker for Wordpress

SERP Tracker for Wordpress Version 1.1.0 is out with enhancements for older version of SERP Tracker for Wordpress. Major changes includes, 1)Used highchart graph plugin to make presentation nice. 2)Added support for google country wise serp track. ...

Version: 1.1.0    Last updated: 2017-01-31
(101 ratings)
Price: $25
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Invoice Generator

Invoice Generator. Why you should pay a monthly fee for invoice tools when you can host an  invoice generator in your own server, using it you can generate unlimitted invoices for unlimitted clients. All data in your own server.  No monthl ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2013-12-17
(81 ratings)
Price: $25
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All Plugin Tool Kits from

All Plugin Tool Kits from  includes all plugins developed by team team for  just $80. You just need to buy only one plugin and enjoy all the plugins developed by Levoir Solutions team. Please check below to kn ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2017-01-31
(72 ratings)
Price: $80
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Range Rank Finder

What's Range Rank Finder? You might want to know how many of my keywords comes under  1-10 rank range for a website. That's how many keywords have rank in between one and ten for a website on a specific day. Range Rank Finder will help you to f ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2013-11-29
(73 ratings)
Price: $15
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Average Rank Finder

Average rank finder will help you to analyze how a website is doing by taking average rank of all of it's keywords. An average rank of a website on a day in a specific search engine is calculated as below if a website X has keywords k1, k2, k3, k4, ...

Version: 1.0.0    Last updated: 2017-01-31
(63 ratings)
Price: $15
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