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Newsletter Plugin

Installation Steps

1. Download and unzip plugin file

2. Upload the folder 'newsletter' to the '/plugins/' directory of seo panel

3. Activate the plugin through the 'Seo Plugins Manager' in Admin panel

4. Accesss plugin by "Seo Plugins" from horizontal main menu.



Steps to Start Sending Newsletter


1) Create a new newsletter camapaign


Newsletter => Campaign Manager => New Campaign


2) Create a Email List


Newsletter => Email List Manager => New Email List


3) Import Emails to Email List


Newsletter =>Import Emails


4) Create Newsletter Manager


Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => New Newsletter


5) Send a test newsletter


Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => Take "Send Test Mail" from action box


6) Send Newsletter


Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => Take "Send Newsletter" from action box




Newsletter => Cron Command


7) Newsletter Reports


Newsletter => Newsletter Reports


It contains all types of reports like Summary, Daily, Graphical and Email reports.


8) Add subscribe code to your site


Newsletter => Generate Subscribe Code => Copy and paste code into your website, blog, forum etc to subscribe new users to your email list.


Now you have a complete newsletter management software with all types of features.




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Version: 1.2.0

Released: 1969-12-31

Last Updated: 2019-04-06

Requires Seo Panel Version: 3.15.0

Download Count: 2342

Author: Seo Panel

Support: Plugin Website

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(116 ratings)

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Price: $30

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