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Simple, clean, efficient product. And free. Thanks SeoPanel, I have spent so much time looking for a solution like yours !..(more), Laurent
Thank tools you provide,and you give honest seopanel I used this for my final project at school, and I am gaining much knowledge from here, and it is very different from others because it is an open source so we could easy to examine the reliability of our sites, our servers make seopanel own.Thanks good luck always and leader in the development seo tools..(more), fandi
Thank you for your ongoing work to create SEO Panel. It is unique among free/open source projects. Your efforts are a great contribution :-) ..(more), Brylie Christopher Oxley
SEO planel is so easy and must have tool if you are managing multiple website, it saves me a lot of time. Thanks again for your effort and keeping it free of charge.

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