Theme Development Guide


Seo Panel Themes help us to modify, customize, and extend the features of Seo Panel interface according to our requirement.

If you would like to create a new Seo Panel theme, then first search the theme in Seo Panel theme repository - If it is not existing any where, then use following articles to create a new theme for Seo Panel and publish it through Seo Panel repository.

Note: This article assumes you are already familiar with the basic functionality of Seo Panel, and PHP, HTML, CSS, JS programming.

Steps to Create a Seo Panel Theme

This section guide us through the steps needs to follow while creating a new Seo Panel theme.

Names, Files, and Locations

Theme Name

The first step for theme creation is finding a name for your theme according to the features you would like to implement with it.

Eg: “Test Theme”

Once you found a name for your theme, then search it in Seo Panel theme repository to find any other theme existing with the same name. If it is already existing, then choose another name for your theme.

Theme Files

If you are creating a theme Named Test Theme, Then theme file structure should be like below list

  • TestTheme
    • css
    • js
    • images
    • views
    • theme.xml

i) TestTheme

First step is to create a folder named “TestTheme”, which contains all theme files and folders. The theme directory name should not contain spaces and other special characters.

ii) views

Create a “views” folder to add all template files required by theme to show the HTML output.

iii) css

The folder contains all css files required by theme.

iv) js

The folder contains all javascript files required by theme.

v) images

This folder contains all images required for a theme.

vi) theme.xml

This XML file is used to add the details about the theme. Please check below sample “theme.xml” file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <author>Geo Varghese</author>
   <description>Classic theme of Seo Panel</description>

author - The name of the person who created theme

name - The name of the theme

description - The description of the theme

version - The current version of the theme

website - A link to a website where user can download theme.

Once you are familiar with these files and functions, it really easy to create themes for seo Panel.